Wednesday, December 31, 2008

our new tv boy friend

kitchen nightmares is our new obsession. its a peak in reality television ( or unlike hells kitchen, where the emphasis is mainly on chefs competing, ramsey's blunt and harsh critiques serve as the basis in creating something new and ultimately friendly.
best moment so far was gordon's face when being shown 'unduck' and 'unfish' at a 'healthy' restaurant on le brea ave. this is the only episode where ramsey acknowledges vegan food because all the dishes had a vegan version. and as such, i was surprised by his brief but acute analysis in relation to fake meat:

you're not teaching people to eat healthy, you're teaching them to find the fridge.

i think this hits at the bizare oscillation i see in vegans between health-of-body and politics&thought, as well as, the big question generating natty foods: what legitimates something as healthy?

anyways how hip is gordy here? god save the queen

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