Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what would vegan gordon ramsay do?

first he would play a game of touch w/ the mates.

then he'd want something fresh. i bet he'd love a fresh ole fashioned apple greens juice... mmm, made to order. this is what i do to keep myself in spirit things while on the juicing station. i figure we'd need fresh washington apples in a big display like hot dog on a stick does with lemonade. but we reverse the demographic from which they hire by placing buff dudes with vegan body-building shirts, little hats, and striped aprons in the window juicing apples.
old fashioned apple greens

a blossoming lotus surprise - aka a blo-lo house suicide made w/ apple, beet, pineapple, cucumber, ginger. i experimented with foam consistency for taste as well as contrast to make some barista inspired foam designs this summer. the apple greens above was one of my first regular attempts. now i have simpler looking single leaf (ill post another pic when i get one). this lotus was really hard to make; i have a pattern for it but and i mess it up about four out of every five times.
blo lo
the key is to be able to make these fast. in the summer i can have six apple green tickets up at once plus 5 or so other juices. when this happens i tend to make them four or five at a time w/ pre cut apples and a 6qt. container. w/ beets you can pre-juice. kale, as the green, however, seems to oxidize shortly after juicing so that has to be done after the lemon, ginger, and most of the apples. big kale leaves give dark green juice but its not the juice machine friend. the lid popped off twice on me this summer. im hoping that, with proper care of the juicer, ill be able to speed through juices while maintaining the quality of taste and presentation.

my favorite drink: this is what id give g.r. if he came in after the match.

almond banana w/ maca

two frozen banana
1 - 2 spoonfulls of almond butter
2 tbls maca powder
1 tbls cocoa nibs
1 tbls hemp protein (optional)
hemp or rice mylk
a touch maple syrup

blend cocoa nibs smooth first. add banana, maca, almond butter, and fill blender with hemp mylk up to the 500ml mark. blend till banana is blended completely. add touch of maple to taste. enough for a tasting and one 16oz drink.

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